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Son Marroig Sa Foradada Virtual Tour, Majorca, Spain

Sa Foradada rock near Deià

There are a number of rocks on the island with a hole in it. They are all called a Foradada (the pierced one). The best known and quite clearly the most stunning one is Sa Foradada near Deià, next to the Son Marroig estate, the erstwhile home of Archduke Luis Salvator, over in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. Unless you are a rock climber, you can’t actually get very near the rock hole but, from the parking lot and the bar, a footpath leads down to the sea level and a small beach, making for a nice little outing. It will take you about forty minutes to get all the way down, perhaps a bit less if you are younger and fitter than me, and perhaps 60 minutes to get back up again to your car. If you are lucky you might spot an eagle nesting high above the hole, or is it a Red Kite?

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