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The Village Deja Virtual Tour, Majorca, Spain

Deya is probably the most beautiful village in Mallorca. On the spectacular North West coast, the village is perfectly situated between the mountains and the sea.

Deya (also Deià) is a living village with a thriving community and this is, of course, what makes it popular with the more sophisticated traveller - the combination of genuine people, natural beauty and well preserved buildings. Unusually, five star luxury sits easily beside a local tapas bar.

Deià has a population of 850 inhabitants and a economy based on agriculture, hand crafts, fine arts and tourism. Located less than one hours driving from Palma's Airport -at roughly 25 kilometres by road- by the Valldemossa way, it is made of small rock mallorcan houses built on the valley and up to the hill. Urban construction is highly controled here in order to preserve its natural charming and protect the landscape environment, not as unfortunately happens in other areas of Mallorca.

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